Test Kitchen Tuesday for One: Vegetarian Taco Salad

This week, it was me and the dog for Test Kitchen Tuesday, and, much to her chagrin, I didn’t share. 2Chili is off doing a top secret client project that is consuming his full days, which means I am on my own for a few dinners this week.

It also means I can have whatever I want. Yeah!

Today, I went with a recipe I’ve had printed out for awhile, a vegetarian taco salad from Eating Well. And yum-yum-yum – it did not disappoint. The recipe is really very simple, and came together in all of about 10 minutes. But, its classic Mexican flavor combinations of tomatoes, fresh cilantro, black beans, and corn were just what I needed after a long day of work. Add in some sweet potato chips and it was a home run!

Sadly, I had a ripe avocado hanging out waiting to be used and I forgot to use it. And, 2Chili has my good camera with him on the jobsite, so last night’s dinner comes to us courtesy of a point-and-shoot camera. It doesn’t really due the vibrant colors justice!


Vegetarian Taco Salad

Recipe From: Eating Well

Serves: 4

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

Skill Level (out of 5): Plate

The Cook’s Taster Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

This really hit the spot. It’s cheap, simple, and super tasty. I used prepared dried black beans and didn’t add the bed of lettuce or the salt, but otherwise prepared it exactly as prescribed.


Made with dried black beans and no added salt.


The Verdict:

Simply delicious. I think this would go over well with finicky eaters, and it is a hearty and filling meal. If you make it with canned beans and add the prescribed salt, it will be a little high in sodium, but, with dried beans and no salt, it’s very reasonable in the salt department. I didn’t use as much cheese as it called for and felt I had plenty of cheese…

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