Project: Food Budget–Week 5

October food budget = done, done, and done! And, we came in under budget. This leads me to believe we need to consider reducing the budget.

Goal: $350
Actual: $307.70


In round one of P:FB, I did a weekly budget of $75, or roughly $300/month. Clearly that is still an appropriate target for us. However, I’m going to wait one more month before deciding to lower it. I do like having a little buffer to buy a treat here and there!

This week, we came back to Seattle for a while, and I ended up having quite a bit of the prior week’s groceries to bring with us. My little hatchback was quite loaded between a dog, a cat, three bags of groceries and our luggage!

But, this meant we needed only four things at the market: organic milk, orange juice, bananas, and eggs. Total: $16.01 at Whole Foods.

I ended up having to buy a few things for TKT, but that was technically in November, so I am going to carry that over and report on it next week!

Menu for the Week:

Budget Buddies Represent!

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