Making “Snow” With the Ninja Blender

As regular readers know, I grew up in Texas. It gets hot in Texas! I used to consume snow cones and Slurpees like they had no calories as a kid, because they offered up temporary relief from those oppressive summers.

While we have seen nary a day over 80 degrees in Seattle this summer, I can still appreciate a good snow cone. So, when a commenter left a question on my Ninja Blender review about the blender’s ability to make “snow,” I had to try it out and see if it was possible.

On a side note, I admit to having never seen the Ninja blender infomercial before I bought one. I get quite a few questions from people thinking about buying one that reference things done in the infomercial, and this was no different. However, yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, I happened to catch this famous infomercial. It pays to be an early bird, I guess.

In the commercial, the “host” has a full blender jar full of ice that he proceeds to turn into snow in no time. I really wasn’t sure if this was possible, so I loaded up the blender jar and gave it a shot.

As with everything Ninja, more is better for better blending consistency. It does best when the contents mostly fill the jar.  There is nothing in there but ice.


I blended on “1” for about 30 seconds and “3” for about 15 seconds. Warning: It was pretty loud. Check out the snowmaking in progress:


Voila. Snow.


It made way more than 2 cups of snow, but I just wanted to show you the consistency in something other than the blender jar itself. I think that is pretty cool! With a little flavored simple syrup, you have a homemade snow cone!


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