Homeopathic Healing: Arnica Gel

I admit it, I’m thin-skinned. But, not in the way you might typically think. All my life, I have been an easy bruiser. I get bruises from the simplest things: Leaning my shins against a ladder (the most common one for me, as I am always painting something around the house), bumping into something somewhat firm, being pinched, you name it. If there is any potential for bruising in any activity, it’s a guarantee that I’ll have a bruise or 12 by the time I’m done doing said activity.

Usually, I don’t worry much about it. But, when I fell off my mountain bike a while back, I had quite a few fairly large and very purple bruises that I didn’t want hanging around for ages.

So, I did a little research and found out that arnica gel is really good for helping remove pain and speeding up the healing of bruises. And you know what? It’s true. Arnica gel is really good at helping remove pain and speeding up the healing of bruises, especially if you start using it right away after an incident that will cause or has caused a bruise.

In addition to the gel, there are sub-lingual pellets. I used them in a concurrent fashion, and saw really fast results. The bruising was all but gone in about two weeks, which is really fast for me, especially for the deep purple-colored bruises – those usually take over a month to heal for me.

It seems brand doesn’t really matter when finding an arnica gel, as the ones sold at Whole Foods had the exact same ratios of ingredients. I went with Arnicare, which you can also buy on Amazon.

Have you tried arnica gel? What do you think?

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