Tuesday Tip: An A-moos-ing Use For a Milk Frother

Okay, okay. That is a cheesy headline. I couldn’t resist!

Random factoid: I was the resident headline writer for my high school (and early college) paper about a hundred years ago, when we used scissors and glue to create newspapers. I’m not talking about the “copy and paste” kind of digital scissors and glue. Nope, I’m talking about Fiskars and glue sticks. It was another world, I’m telling you.

Once a headline writer, always a headline writer.

Anyway, getting back on topic. I don’t use milk in my coffee anymore. I don’t know why. One day, I just drank it black, and I never went back to using milk or cream. It’s probably because I like strong coffee, and to use milk, I had to make it really strong!  I guess that’s another way Project : Food Budget has positively impacted our bottom line – it has slowed down my use of coffee!

But, I still use my milk frother.

For what?

Mixing salad dressing, of course. I just pour my ingredients into the jar I will be storing it in (long and skinny works best) and blend it up with the frother. Then, it’s nicely mixed and already in the jar for easy pouring/storage.

Do you have other uses for a milk frother?

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