A Little Nutty–Using Up Nut Butter in Style

I think I am late to this party. But, I’m going to join in anyway. And, I bet you will too.

Next time you have a glass jar of almost empty almond or peanut butter, pour your hot oats, quinoa, or bulgur into the jar, stir, and YUM. The hot temperature from the cooked oats (or whatever grain) helps melt the nut butter, which is inevitably kind of dry since it’s whatever’s left after all the creamy parts have been used up. It’s an easy way to get that last bit of nutty goodness out of the jar, and makes a convenient and portable vessel for your cereal.

imageI I wouldn’t recommend this in a plastic jar, by the way, though you could perhaps do overnight oats in a plastic jar.

quinoa_flakesFor my first endeavor in this technique, I used quinoa flakes, and it was doubly delicious. Quinoa flakes are a great sub for straight up quinoa because they cook in 90 seconds instead of 45 minutes. They’re also a little milder than quinoa, with more of an oatmeal texture. I have used them in baked goods in place of oatmeal, though I am on the fence as to which I prefer for that application.

So, there you have it, a quick tip to use up the nut butter, and an excuse to go buy more so you can do it all over again!

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