A New Favorite–Plant Fusion Protein Powder

I am going to get a reputation, I know it. Trust me, contrary to what it might seem, I don’t live on protein powder alone.

But, I do like to try different brands when I re-order in my quest to find the best protein powder. I like to add protein (and fat) to my smoothies to up the nutrition a bit and make them have staying power.One scoop (about 20 grams of protein) a day is my limit.

I’ve been using Plant Fusion for a couple of months now, and it is by far, hands-down, my favorite plant-based protein powder yet. It blends well like whey, but is dairy and soy-free. I’ve tried the unflavored and vanilla bean, and like them both for different reasons. Unflavored is great when I don’t want to influence the taste of whatever I’m making. Vanilla is nice when I’m making something that I want to slightly flavor.

So, how do I find all these new protein powders anyway? Well, I just search “plant protein” on Amazon, and see what pops up. If anything new strikes my fancy, I research its ingredients, and if they’re good, I order up a container and try it out. The days of going to the GNC and trying to figure out what’s best for you are long over. You can get better quality supplements on Amazon and shop in the convenience of your home with no sales pressure.

The ingredients of Plant Fusion stack up, and it has a nice range of amino acids. My only beef is that it is a bit high in sodium, in my opinion. This is the case with a lot of plant proteins, including the more well-known ones like Vega. But, I eat a generally low sodium diet, so one serving a day doesn’t really impact my salt intake much.


Some will argue that whey protein is more bio-available than plant protein, but, for the many of us out there with a dairy or whey sensitivity – or who just plain avoid dairy – that is not an option. Also, having now learned about the process for making whey protein, it’s not something that I really want to put in my body!

Plant Fusion has a great website that explains each type of protein they use and why, you can check that out here.

And, there you have it, my latest find!

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