New Find: Lifetime Life’s Basics Protein Powder

A while back, I told you about Oriya Organics protein powder that I had stumbled upon, and have been loving! I have been using that and alternating with this Lifetime Life’s Basics Protein Powder.

I have to say, I like them both. The Oriya has a green tinge due to the Chlorella and Spirulina, so I usually only use it in green smoothies. This powder doesn’t really have a “color,” per se, so it doesn’t change the look of whatever you may be adding it to.

People often ask what protein powder I use since a lot of my recipes call for it. The honest answer is I’m almost always trying something new. I like to experiment, try new things, and report back to you guys when I find something I like! I scour Amazon and try things that strike my fancy. I will be keeping this one as well as the Oriya in my rotation for a while, though. I enjoy them both that much!

I usually look for a few things when selecting a protein powder:

  • Low  or no sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Vegan or vegetarian (I have a dairy sensitivity)
  • At least 16g protein per serving

And, like you, I often read reviews to determine if a powder is worth a try. I read a lot of reviews about this Lifetime powder, and people love it. So do I! It tastes good, and it has a good nutritional profile with a wide spectrum of amino acids:


I pretty much only use protein powders in smoothies after a hard workout, so I almost always blend it up with some fruit. This acts as a sweetener, and I love that this powder doesn’t have any added sweetener. If you are going to drink it with just milk or water in a shaker cup, you may want a sweetened variety.

They make a few flavors: Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, Chocolate, 5 Fruit Blend, and a Greens powder, so there is probably something for you amongst that lineup. If you choose a sweetened variety, each serving has 2.67 grams of sugar from Xylitol. For what it’s worth Xylitol is actually a pretty good sweetener that is okay for you (just don’t let your dog have any – it is toxic for dogs).

My only complaint is that the serving size is a fairly large scoop (about 1/4 cup), which means if you are mixing it up in a single serve blender cup, it takes up a significant amount of room. However, that is something I overlook because it’s tasty, low on ingredients and artificial-sweetener free!

Bottom Line: I like this powder. It is low on ingredients, but those it does have are quality. It tatses good, and at $1.49/serving, it sports a reasonable price for such high quality. If you prefer a sweetened variety, the cost is less, about $1.16/serving.

Eyeing a protein powder you want me to check out? Let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a whirl!

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