Project: Food Budget–Week 29

After last week’s snore-fest, this week I had plenty of groceries to buy. 2Chili spent a few days in Seattle, so I really had a veg-fest around these parts. Winking smile

It took two stores (WF and Trader Joe’s), but we were not shy on anything this week! You might notice a big haul of Champange mangoes again – I simply cannot resist when they are 5 for $5.  And, incidentally, the organic asparagus was some of the best I have ever had!



Total for the Week: $124.98

Total for the Month: $221.97

Goal for the Month: $325

A little spendy of a week for me, but after spending almost nothing the week before, it was necessary.

After shopping, I took my car through a much-needed gas station carwash, and the doggie was very intrigued with all the bubbles, though she was most intrigued with the gas station girls who gave her several biscuits. In Oregon, all gas stations are full-service, and, if anyone knows this well, it’s Pipa dog. She goes crazy for fill-up trips because the attendants typically have dog treats. Gas stations rank right up there on her list with drive through banks and, well, any type of drive through.


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