Tuesday Tip: Storing Cut Greens

Every other week, when my produce box from my CSA arrives, I have a bit of work ahead of me. The box of veggies is on our doorstep before dawn and I usually try to prep all the veggies early in the morning before work so they’re ready to go and don’t need further attention.

One thing I do is chop and wash all the greens, of which there is usually plenty. I give them a quick spin in the salad spinner, but, some of the heavier greens don’t fully dry out. So, I get them as dry as possible, put into a Ziploc container, and then place a clean folded paper towel at the very top of the container. This towel slowly takes the moisture out of the greens, but it also seems to keep the greens fresh, as it provides ongoing moisture as well. Double win!


By the way, this is a recycled Seventh Generation paper towel – you would never know it!

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