The Importance of Being Human

It was bound to happen, it really was.

After three solid months of providing a new dinner every Tuesday night, I have officially missed a day. It wasn’t for lack of planning. No, I had already picked out the recipe and had the supplies on hand. It wasn’t for lack of interest. Nope. It was for a simple reason: I am human.Zen skyscrapper

There, now you know the truth.

Yesterday, I woke up with every intention of making a new recipe (this one, in fact). And, then, the delicate balance of mi vida loca got in the way. You could say Father Time had my number.

So, what happened?  I’m glad you asked, allow me to elaborate!

I had a fairly urgent work item pop up that re-arranged my schedule and sent me off to the pool later than normal in the morning. Then, of course, I had to do my work for the day. When the quitting bell rang, I had an hour long hard trainer ride on tap. By the time I was done, it was pitch black outside, my legs were like Jell-O, and my desire to cook was pretty much non-existent.

Good thing 2Chili is fond of cereal for dinner, ‘cause that’s what we had. And it was fabulous.

2Chili’ll get his Test Kitchen meal this week – probably tonight, as a matter of fact. But it is important to remember to be human some times. We can’t always be everything to everyone (or ourselves). Life gets in the way. And that, my friends, is also fabulous.

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