Results of the Towel Poll

Last week on a whim, I posted a poll to see how folks fold their kitchen towels. 2Chili and I notoriously don’t agree on this topic, so I wondered if there was a clear cut way folks prefer to fold their towels for storing in a drawer.

Today, I have the results, which honestly surprised me! Here were the choices:

Towel 1 imageTowel 2


I didn’t tell you whose was whose originally, but like any good survey designer, I put the one I wanted you to pick first. I have been known to be sneaky like that. My towel was towel #1, and 2Chili’s was towel #2.

Priority placement didn’t seem to have an impact on the results, though, and for the most part, the responders were equally divided. Towel 1 edged out towel 2 by one vote.


Thanks to all who participated! About half the people who looked at the poll voted, which is inline with American voter turn out, l think. Honestly, I was surprised to receive more than 2 votes on such a trivial item (assuming that both our mothers would vote, of course).

As I grow readership on the blog, I just may have to have more regular polls!

Thanks for reading, as always, and happy towel folding!

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