A Killer Solution to Kill Adult Acne

I know, I know, acne solutions aren’t probably something you expect to read about from me, but this one is kind of a foodie solution, and it works.

And, the truth is, from time to time, just about every is faced with some form of adult acne. It can be stress-driven, hormonally-related, food-allergy related, and, more.

I think it’s fair to say that no one likes acne. And, there are few things that are more frustrating than dealing with it as an adult.

I have a solution for you this week that is cheap, effective, all natural, and won’t bleach your clothes like a lot of OTC treatments. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago!

Are you ready for it?!

Enter…tea tree oil.

You know the smell – it’s very distinct. It turns up in a lot of hair care products and sort of gives your scalp a bit of a tingly sensation. But, did you know that tea tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic? It’s good for a lot of things, and it is incredibly effective at treating acne (and saddle sores, for those that are into cycling). However, the catch is that it’s super, super strong out of the bottle. It has to be diluted so you don’t burn your skin. Here is a little bit more about tea tree oil.

I have been keeping the following mixture pre-made up in a small container, so that when the occasion comes, I already have some ready to go. You can buy tea tree oil from Amazon, or, at a lot of health food stores. They also have it at Trader Joe’s with the personal care products. A small bottle will last a long, long time because it needs to be pretty diluted to use.

DIY Acne Treatment with Built in Moisturizer


  • 1 part tea tree oil
  • 9 parts coconut oil


  • Mix the ingredients together in a small, re-sealable container
  • When needed, apply to your skin and either let soak in completely (takes a few hours), or, wait 10-20 minutes and then use a hot washcloth to remove
  • This mixture is a little shiny, so, if you’re putting it on in the morning, you probably want to wash off before seeing people or applying makeup
  • I like to spread this over my whole face in the evening and let it soak in completely, but it works just as well if you spot treat and then remove with a hot washcloth
  • If you find your skin is tolerating the 1 part tea tree oil to 9 parts coconut oil without adverse effects, you can up the dosage of tea tree oil by 1 part (e.g, 2 parts tea tree oil, 8 parts coconut oil) until you find a solution that you can no longer tolerate, but only increase the tea tree oil by 1 part at a time, and no more frequently than once every week.
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