Jay Robb Three-Day Fruit Flush Review

I have so altered 2Chili’s reality that he didn’t even flinch when I told him I was going to do a fruit cleanse last week. He was going to be out of town anyway, so it didn’t affect him at all, but I felt compelled to state that I was trying out Jay Robb’s Three-Day Fruit Flush.image

I am notoriously selective about my food choices and generally eat very healthfully, but had somewhat fallen off the wagon in the final weeks before the Eugene Half Marathon. If it was a carb, it was on my plate – I was carbo-loading after all </sarcasm>. So, this fruit flush was appealing to reset everything and get a clean start as I move into triathlon season.

Why I Selected It

Unlike a lot of detoxes or cleanses, you actually get to eat food on this fruit flush. I know myself well enough to know that I could not survive for three days on juice – or any liquid for that matter. I am just too active and unwilling to become inactive for three days. Period.

Overall Structure

The cleanse is divided into two parts. On the first day, you drink a protein powder/psyllium husk powder combination multiple times a day to “prepare” for the flushing. If you are familiar with psyllium and its uses, you can probably figure out why it’s front-loaded in quite a large amount here! You are allowed a large raw salad and baked potato with avocado for dinner on the first day.

The second and third days, you eat fruit all day in 2-3 hour increments and repeat the large salad/potato routine.


So, is this three-day diet actually feasible?

Yes, it really and truly is. I didn’t feel hungry at all, but, by the middle of the third day I was ready for some variety back in my life. I had picked up quite an array of fruits and veggies, but, even a variety of those things seem redundant after a while.

I stopped drinking coffee on a daily basis about six months ago, so the no coffee portion of this cleanse didn’t bother me. However, if you are a daily coffee drinker, it would be a good idea to wean yourself off before trying this. Here is how I did it.


I am sure the number one question out there is “Well, did you lose any weight?”


It’s true that Jay promises you could lose up to 9 pounds in three days doing this flush. However, let’s be real. It takes a net deficit of 3500 calories to lose – really lose – one pound. That would mean you would likely have to work out like a maniac while on this diet to lose three pounds in one day, which is not really feasible – there is no way you would have enough energy to do that. A more accurate description would be “you could lose up to 9 pounds of water weight and extra waste materials in three days.”

I am at a weight that is fairly low for me (159 lbs at 6 feet tall) and it is pretty hard for my body to go much lower than this without cannibalizing muscle, so I wasn’t looking to lose any weight. This was more about just hitting the reset button on my eating habits. But for what it’s worth, my weight stayed exactly the same. What did happen is I felt really good and energized at the end of the three days – ready to tackle just about anything!

All that said, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you could legitimately lose a good chunk of weight and kick start a healthy eating routine with this flush, as it will likely be significantly fewer calories than your body is used to on a daily basis.

Overall Impression

I would recommend this flush to anyone that wants to dip their toes into the cleansing scene in a fairly low-risk way. You won’t end up starving or irritable because you are actually eating fairly frequently.

You will, however, still need the support of your family and friends. They need to understand why you might have some strange behaviors for three days and not try to tempt you with meals or snacks that will throw you off the plan.

The e-Book is quite long and has a lot more information than just the cleanse, as well as suggestions for how often and when do do the program. I found it a quick read. The cleanse itself is laid out well and easy to follow, and comes with a thorough Q&A with every possible “can I do this” scenario you could think of.

Overall I give it an “A” and intend to do it again every month or two just as a nice way to detox and feel good.

Have you done this fruit flush? If so, what did you think?

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