A Real Cut Up

2Chili and I have a completely different language sometimes.

I once mentioned how someone I went to school with was a “cut up,” and we had quite the conversation about what I meant. In my eyes it was clear: the person was a distraction, or, always into something – always “cutting up” in class.. 2Chili thought I meant the person was covered in cuts. This is a Texas vs. California upbringing coming out again. Clearly there are no cut-ups in California! (Or dry towns.)

Speaking of cutting, have you seen these flexible cutting boards?

I bought a pack of them a few weeks ago to help flesh out our kitchen in Bend. I left my main cutting boards in Seattle, and needed something to cut on. I didn’t want to spend a lot or acquire anything bulky, and these fit the bill amazingly well.

They are super thin – not much thicker than a piece of copy paper – but do the job well, and, I actually really like them. Once I’m done chopping something, I can use them as a funnel to send whatever it might be straight into a pot or pan. Brilliant!

The multi-colored pack has these little icons on them to indicate if the board is for fruit/veggies, meat, or fish, which I have disregarded completely and just cut all my veggies on whichever one I please.

I have no idea how long they’ll last, but they go through the dishwasher just fine (it’s been about 10 washes so far). And, at $5.68 for a 3-pack, I’m not too concerned. I have been so happy with these I just had to share.

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