Weekly Roundup: 4.9.11

Saturday Greetings!

Do you have big plans for this weekend, which promises to offer the first glimpse of impending Spring? We certainly do. I’m making waffles right now (multitasking at its finest) and later we’re off to tackle a 40 mile bike ride. Then, it’s time to cut our grass, which is beginning to look more and more unkempt and overgrown. It’s probably still too wet to really mow, but we have no choice!

Whatever your plans are, I hope you take some time to enjoy yourself this weekend.

Now, on to the links.

    • Will Arizona Lead the Global Anti-Obesity Revolution? – The Globalist. Wow, this is groundbreaking stuff. Without getting into the politics of it or my own opinion (because I am not a fan of starting arguments!), the outcome of this legislation will no doubt impact our country. So, no matter your position on government-supported healthcare, the obesity epidemic, or how to solve either, this article is worth a read to see what’s being proposed in Arizona.
    • How to Put Perfectionism in Its Place – Bisto Katie. Hat tip to @emilylevenson for tweeting out a link to this article earlier in the week. I love it when I find a new blog, and this article is a great lesson in expectations and achievement. A lot of people at work ask me about how I find time for everything (writing two blogs, being self-employed, training for a half-ironman, cooking, cleaning, and just overall living!) and I usually tell them: “Well, first off, we don’t have kids. But secondly, I make time – I am efficient.” The second layer to that is, I accept that there are some things I just won’t be able to do. This article reminds you to “bloom where you are,” or, be your best self for the period of time in which you’re living. And for goodness sake, it’s okay to not do it all. Little by little is a great approach to healthy eating and healthy living.
  • When Failure Isn’t – No Meat Athlete. Keeping with our inspirational theme, this is a fantastic article to hit home the “try, try, try again,” adage. I could particularly relate to this article because while I run and I run far – it doesn’t come easily and I am not at all fast at it. I am married to a man who is a former cross country runner to whom running comes naturally and he is very fast at it. He can get off the couch, run a 6 minute mile, and then go back to the couch. It drives me bonkers! I didn’t start running until I was 22, and I only did it to keep my weight in check after college. It is easy for me to get caught up in the “I am just not a fast runner,” but I have to remind myself that running is not just about being fast. Sure, I may never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but that is really unimportant in the scheme of my life. Running is self-empowerment. Running is a key segment of a sport I love. Running keeps my weight down. And, no matter the race, no matter my goal – the beautiful part is I can run.

Okay, for some reason I was feeling wordy with my descriptions today, so I am going to spare you any further links! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch you back here on Monday. I’m working up a recipe for a tasty treat!

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