Tuesday Poll: What’s a Little Dust To Ya?

I was watching Guy’s Big Bite on TV over the weekend, and as Guy usually does, he went to the pantry to grab a can of San Marzano tomatoes for whatever it is he was making. (I honestly don’t recall.)MP900400593

As Guy opened the can, I realized maybe I’m a little weird about something. I pretty much always wash the top of a can of anythingbefore I open it. That goes for canned sparkling water out of the cooler at my clients’ offices, to a can of beans, to, well, anything edible out of a can.

I do this because as cans sit on the shelf at the store, and then in our pantry, they accumulate a layer of dust, even if it’s not immediately noticeable. I don’t want the dust on the top of the can in my food.

So, I wondered, does anyone else wash their canned goods before opening? Please leave your answer in the poll, and I’ll report results next week. I am very curious about this!

Test Kitchen Tuesday Canned Goods Poll
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