Weekly Roundup: 1.8.11

Happy Saturday, Friends!

As you read this, I am off pit-crewing for 2Chili at a cyclocross race. Well, I guess, if you are reading this Saturday morning I am. If you’re reading it Sunday, Monday, or any other day, who knows what I’m doing, but it likely involves a bicycle. I am training for a Half Ironman, after all. Which, leads us into our link round up for the week.

  • Spandexplanation: My Spandex Theory – Breaking the Cycle. Words cannot express how great this is. The author of this blog is severely overweight (over 500), and instead of opting for gastric bypass or other surgeries, he is losing the weight via cycling, and telling the world about it. This article is about buying spandex, which even those of us who are comfortable in spandex aren’t really comfortable in. It’s a necessary evil. Go Ernest!
  • Childless Couples Eat Healthier – New York Times. The headline says it all. Very interesting.
  • Tips & Tricks: Knife Sharpening – If You Can Read, You Can Cook. I am terrible at knife sharpening, but this primer from Edward is really helpful.
  • So You Think You’re Eating Healthy – Fooducate. I love the opening line of this piece: “Here’s a perplexing mathematical puzzle – If 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese, how can it be that 9 out of 10 Americans (think they) are eating healthfully?” Quite the query indeed. The answer lies in the portions, ingredients, and perceptions of what is healthy.

With that, I bid you adieu, and I’ll see you back here Monday. I have something that I think is super cool planned! Though I admit my perception of super cool is different from most people, but still, come back Monday!

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