Friday Favorites: Salad Spinner

It’s such a simple concept, the salad spinner. Wash your cut greens in its bowl, strain it in the built in strainer, and then spin, spin, spin to get a clean and dry salad in no time.41-0gHcr6CL__SL500_AA300_

My particular salad spinner is nothing special. It was less than $10 from Amazon, but I just love it.

I get lots of cut greens from my CSA, and after I forgot to put away some mustard greens last summer and they were ruined, it was time to stop the insanity and figure out a better way.

The simple salad spinner is a better way, and, once your greens are clean and dry, they can be stored in the strainer bowl  inside the spinner for a longer shelf life in the fridge. Genius!

2Chili and I are off skiing it up today, and wish you a happy New Year’s Eve. Please be safe out there!

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