Friday Favorites, Guest Edition: Sugar Cookies

This post could also be called, the ugliest plate of sugar cookies, ever, but that didn’t have the best ring to it!

Considering today is Christmas Eve, and most people don’t really want to hear about healthy eating right before they hit friends and family’s homes for holiday dining, I thought I would have a guest Friday Favorite. You see, I am not much into holiday food (I know, just call me the Grinch). But, 2Chili is more like normal people in this area, as he does enjoy his holiday dining traditions.

imageFor today’s Friday Favorite, I asked him what his favorite holiday treat is, and why. His answer surprised me, as I expected to hear “canned cranberry sauce with the ridges.”


He said his absolute favorite thing is frosted sugar cookies, preferably in the shape of snowmen. His “why” was simply, “because they’re awesome.” We have been together 10 years and I did not know this! I make cookies maybe twice a year, at best, so I figured I could make a few sugar cookies as a treat and used this recipe. It’s a good thing my specialty is in the healthy foods area, because  I definitely do not have a future in the fine art of cookie or cake decorating. They had promise going in, as witnessed below:



The wheels fell off at the frosting!

My cookies look like a 3rd grader decorated them, but they taste pretty good!

Ah well, much like the dog biscuits I made a while back for Pipa, 2Chili doesn’t care how they look, he just cares how they taste. Good thing, too, cause I would be kicked off Iron Chef in 2 seconds with a sorry plate of cookies like these!

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday, and sending warm season’s greetings!

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