Link Roundup: 4.2.11

I’m not really into April Fools’ Day, so am happy to be past that day unscathed. Image Source: FooducateI have to admit there were a few blog posts/Twitter updates I scratched my head over yesterday until I realized what day it was! This one and this one really got me, and I thought while reading them both, “really?” multiple times. I am so glad that day is over!

Also, I learned something important this week by accident when I didn’t have an ingredient: Tahini is not a good substitute for cashew butter. Trust me on this one!

The great Tahini incident behind us, here are some articles/posts I found interesting over the last week:

  • How to Sprout – Good Food Health from Full Circle Farm. This reminds me of an elementary school science project, but, oh how easy! I am definitely going to try growing my own sprouts.
  • Tips & Tricks – Egg Freshness – If You Can Read You Can Cook. This is a great post on how to tell the freshness of your eggs, and all you need is a bowl of water…
  • Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags – New York Times. In a nutshell, food manufacturers are dealing with rising costs, but instead of passing on the cost increases, they are shrinking the size of their products. Very sneaky. Of course with things like this, is usually a one way street – you don’t often see a reversal, even when times are good again, because that would just cut into profits.
  • Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta & Spinach – Veggie Burgher. I was excited when I saw this post from a fellow Project: Food Budget participant, because I’m all about trying new veggie lasagna recipes. As it turns out, she didn’t like this recipe, which was sad, but I also appreciated, as a I had a couple recipes just not work out well for me last week. It is nice to see other people share their new recipe experiences, good and bad. I can so relate – I hate to waste food, which brings up an idea for a new poll coming your way soon…
  • Win Dempsters New Thin Bagels w/ Zesty – Zesty Cook. Zesty is giving away 10 coupons for a free package of Dempsters Bagel Thins. I am in to bagels and saving money, so I had to share. I should note that Dempsters is a Canadian bagel brand. We don’t have it in Washington State, so I’m not sure about the availability elsewhere in the States. But, if you know you have access to Dempsters Bagels, head on over and throw your name in the hat…

Have a great weekend!

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