Weekly Roundup–12.4.10

The weekend is upon us! Yay! Did you survive Thanksgiving weekend and, worse, the week after Thanksgiving week? For me, the week after a holiday is the hardest, because my body has to be at work but my mind wants to be off doing fun things.

Here are a few of the items across the Internet I found interesting this week:

  • What Food Says About Class in America – Newsweek. This is a long article, but well worth the read. When I was fresh out of college, my very first “real” job was as a PR coordinator at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. That was the first time in my life I had come face to face with what hunger really looks like, and, it looks a lot like you and me. The article examines the differences between the upper and lower socioeconomic classes when it comes to what they eat, perceived government double standards on packaged foods, and how eating locally/organically fits into the mix.
  • Cheap, Healthy, Good Entertaining – Hosting While Preserving Your Finances, Sanity, and Well-Being – Cheap Healthy Good. Some really solid advice for surviving hosting holiday guests and parties.
  • Taking, or rather making, stock – Cooking Dinner Tonight. Buying stock can really add up, and, you are sort of at the mercy of what the manufacturer puts in it. I like to buy low sodium stock, which seems is always about 25% more expensive than traditional stock. Here is a nice post on how to make it yourself. You can control what you put in it, and, save a little money as well!
  • Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls – Flour Dusted. I might have a teeny-tiny sweet potato addiction. These rolls are on my shortlist to make soon.
  • How to make quinoa, the powerhouse seed – Shine from Yahoo!. 2Chili sent this one to me, and he was proud of himself for remembering to pronounce it “keen-wah.” About six months ago, we had multiple discussions that went a little like this:
2Chili: “What are you  making?”
Me: “Quinoa.”
2Chili: “What?”
Me: “Quinoa.”
2Chili: “Whatever.
Then, one day, after this discussion, I told him, “I don’t know why you can’t remember this. Quinoa is verymainstream.” I was immediately rebutted with “I don’t know what stream you’re standing in, but it sure ain’t mainstream.” Anyway, I happen to love quinoa. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

And with that, I bid you adieu for now and wish you a fabulous weekend!

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