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Glad it worked out for you. You can use that general framework for all kinds of creative hummus — which I see you are planning — enjoy!


By: Sheila Sun, 01 Mar 2015 17:42:41 +0000 Hi, Angela,
Just made your mild black bean hummus. Yum!! Just did a few changes. Used tahini and left out the cumin and added 2 teaspoons of a southwest blend of spices I have made up (altered a recipe I found on the web some time ago and 2 large Hatch green chilies roasted and seeded. I live in southern New Mexico, what can I say? As I was making it, I started thinking. Next time I will make it using homemade pinto beans instead of the black beans and use lime juice instead of lemon juice. But keep everything else the same. I usually buy and freeze 60 pounds of green chile, fresh roasted from the fields every August, but you could use other green chili, Problano chili might be good. just not jalapeno as that has a totally different flavor.