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Sun, 24 Dec 2017 16:28:43 +0000 hourly 1 By: Donnasue Wed, 24 Feb 2016 20:20:31 +0000 Hello Angie,I believe I found you on accident but possibly an answer to prayer.Even as I just was talking to the Lord this morning.I have a ninja smoothie makie an haven’t by far mastered my smoothie recipes.Without going into more detail I was actually looking for went in the ninja coffee bar.I just got yesterday.I couldn’t afford it but Qvc puts things cheaper an divides payments up thank God.My health keeps my from working@all.I’m tall,thin 5″8135-140lbs.I eat Ice cream an P.Farm cookies an milk around it every night.but I dont eat anything else besides cereal,Smoothies,coffee,cokes an cheese crackers.Terrible right.I’ve worked all my life.but had a Car accident in 1999,Got addicted to pain pills.I was in church working happily married had my healthy parents.I lost my father in the yr. 97,grandma 98 carwreck June 1999 got on pain meds an my mother said Donna don’t forget what God delivered you from.Satan knows your weakness.3months later my 60yr old mother had an aneurysm same age as my dad.My whole whole was turned upside down an half my family gone.I begin eating the pills for my broken heart that felt like a knife was in it yet so empty so lonely for Now I felt God had forsaken me of course I did.That’s exactly what Satan wanted me to think.I’m not sure if you understand this but I’m just putting it out there anyway.So ended up on methadone an all I ever heard years later YOU will never get’s horrible withdrawals etc.So I had one thing going for me my JOB@Kroger.Been there since 1883.Same year I got married.I made floral manager.Union,grandfather contract good money,5vacations etc.I was lied on in 2008an low an behold I lost my job.My God I wanted to die I got in deep depression for 4yrs I smoked like a freight train,drinked occasionally an popped pills everyday.I plotted suicide every day.thoughts of how.Down to a tee.I thought about my SON or husband finding me in the tub after taking my klonpin for panic attacks an anxiety.after all those deaths an coffins it affected me terribly.Feb 2014I fell on my knees an ask God to forgive me of the mess id made of my life.I cried an cried an cried.The tears wouldn’t stop coming.So lonely id been missing my loved ones.Isolated in my own hell.After a week I notice again God had delivered me from graving cigarette.I was told id never get under 30mgs of methadone.I was on 100mgs.I got down to 30an let fear hit me.But I’m at 10-15mgs.that’s 1pill a day or 1or 1an 1/2.I’m not IN good enough health to go through withdrawals an trust me I can feel when I go 4-5hours sick.So thats where I ended f finding you.I can do this Angela,through prayer,take better care of myself,diet an exercise.I have the ninja for smoothies with spinach,chia seeds almond/coconut milk.I noticed you mention Vega.I couldn’t believe it.I bought some an only took it once.The texture ugh.But I stopped typing you an mixed a scoop with c.milk:).I have Stevie,I see u brung up A.Sweeteners,So it looks like I’m doing something right.I don’t smoke,drink,an I take the klonpin just 1mg at night.I’ve quit my doctor s since July.But I have been weening myself so long that I had plenty of meds left though not many klonpin so I must do this Angela.Oh I also got that excersise thing by Marie Osmond,though I’ve barely used but I live in 1889 house an it’s frezzing even when it’s warmer outside.I have a BP of 98/55.area all the time so I think that’s why I stay cold.I lost my health ins with my job an we can’t afford any.I’m a firm believer in you are what you eat.I don’t do fried,FF,I love carbs but I told you what my daily appetite consist of.Yogurt I do eat too.Well you Angela I had no intention of this hut you gave me a quide on mixing those greens with your milk/liquid was a great tip.Also bringing out the Vega.I’m also going to check out the one you use other than Vega.I didn’t mean to write all this but no telling what you may know.How can you learn if you dont ask.Angie I do serve the Lord but the Lord gives you a freewill to make good or bad choices in life.Sometimes when we make bad ones we suffer consequences.So drugs have damaged my focus,my body is very fatigue all the time of course diet will help.I’m 57yrs old an I’m trying to talk an keep a 102yr old lady company.she’s lonely I want to take her to doctor but she’s in better health than me.that’s sad.I never cook for my husband,I bought stuff for chilli an had no energy to yet.make it.I have hepatitis C,which makes you very drained but I believe its God’s Will for me to be free of this bondage an help that lady,cook for my family.I do take care of my 3Chihuahuas.12,13,14yrs old.good health except 1has thyroid issues.I want to help others so bad.If you have any,Any advice or find out any plz let me know.I will even give you my email I don’t want to lose this site.Thank you for your wonderful blog you are really helping people which says a lot about your character an your heart God bless you today.:)

By: Angie Stephens Fri, 18 Jan 2013 02:53:14 +0000 I haven’t read “Wheat Belly”, but I had an allergy test done about 15 years ago and had no allergic reaction (at all, which was rare they told me) to the wheat. I imagine an allergy can develop at any time in life. I need to read the book. Thanks for the tip!

By: Angela Sun, 13 Jan 2013 16:35:27 +0000 Hi Angie

I haven’t heard of MyFitFoods, but it sounds like they are providing you a great service. The first 3-5 days of any cleanse are usually very hard (or awful), but then you start to feel great! Giving up diet soda is so important, so good for you. I gave it up about 3 years ago, and now it tastes absolutely terrible to me — so there is hope! If you can get past the first 21 days, you won’t want it anymore. For eating out, you can usually choose iced tea — unsweetened — instead.

If I was to guess I’d say the beer is what triggered your inflammatory response due to the gluten in it. If you are curious about gluten, you might want to read Wheat Belly, a book by Dr. William Davis.

Keep it up, it’s great that you are making all these healthy changes!

By: Angie Sat, 12 Jan 2013 19:35:04 +0000 Indeed! I will definitely try the smoothies and many of the recipes on your blogsite (and in your book). To jump-start my goal of reducing my body fat % and controlling the pains in my joints and back, I am trying the 21-day-challenge with My Fit Foods. I am not sure if you are familiar with this program, but the meals are pre-made, and I pick them up from their store in Plano, TX twice a week.

The meals vary in price (salmon costs more than quinoa, for example). The “Gimme More Chicken Salad” lunch wrap is $4: less than I’d spend on a Happy Meal in the kid’s drive thru. It is helping me to take the guess-work out of my menu and focus on the exercise routine part of my lifestyle change.

The first four days were difficult: I’m thinking it was the “detox” or cleanse stage. I gave up diet sodas (a requirement), as the diet plan does not include artificial sweeteners or caffeine. For coffee drinkers, the coffee is out too (I only had a cup a day, so not a big deal to 86 that for me). I felt some lightheadedness/dizziness the first few days, starting in the afternoon. Severe headaches from caffeine withdrawal (I had quite a diet Coke habit) have diminished, and after two days I decided to allow myself one or two a day until the headache stage ends. I think I’m there.

Also, a big hurdle for me is omitting alcohol. After being on the meal plan (which includes a “just cranberry” + Bragg’s Vinegar + lemon juice cleansing drink each morning) for about a week, all brain fog and other detox effects have vanished. Also, I’m taking multivitamins, fish oil, and milk thistle supplements. Yesterday, I decided to have a glass of wine last night (and a beer too, for good measure) after folding six hours’ worth of laundry. Interestingly, my face turned BEET red, and in the night I awakened with severe dry-eye and a very puffy face. I have to say, I must have an allergy on some level with either beer or wine. I am shocked at the inflammatory response it triggered. I really wish I had had either wine or beer, not both, so that I could know without further experimentation which caused the reaction. It could be both, but I am going to finish my 21 days before subjecting myself to that again.

The meal plan is stringent at just 1200 calories a day. I haven’t dropped a dramatic amount of weight, despite working out daily, but am certain that it will begin to melt off if I continue at this rate. My body is fighting it. I am using the BodyMedia armband to keep track of calories burned, and the sleep effectiveness is interesting to see.

Thanks for your blog! Wonderful information here.

By: Angela Sat, 05 Jan 2013 20:58:01 +0000 Hi Angie,

Thanks for your note. Good for you for making some positive changes to your diet – that’s awesome! In my experience, it’s best to mix most supplement powders with a smoothie — this will mask the taste to let it go down easier. I haven’t experienced any digestive side effects from the Vega products, but if you aren’t already on a high fiber diet, you definitely would be well-served to work your way up. Try putting it in a smoothie with some milk (I don’t do dairy, but you could use dairy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, whatever you prefer), some frozen berries, ice, and, if you’re really game, a handful of spinach.

Also, if you have back and knee pain, there are lots of foods that are anti-inflammatory and can help with this. Coconut oil, ginger root, and turmeric are some examples that come to mind – both most dark green veggies also are anti-inflammatory and help the body repair. You may want to look into those things to help!

Good luck as you continue to make changes. It’s a good kind of slippery slope – once you start making changes, you make more and more and before you know it, you’ll feel great!


By: Angie Stephens Sat, 05 Jan 2013 20:05:17 +0000 I saw a sale on vega’s web site, with up to 60% off. I purchased ten-pack-boxes of Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer. I also bought in tablets/capsules Maca and Chlorella on sale.

I have to preface this with “I do not do very well on protein or vitamin/mineral suppplement powders.” I have a strong gag reflex, and it has to be rather exceptional for me to be able to tolerate.

The chocolate flavored WFHO, one whole packet, mixed with 8 oz. water in my shaker bottle, almost made me lose the Maca and Chlorella capsules which I had just swallowed. My children could hear me in the next room trying to control the gag. I will have to try again with a different medium to get it down.

To my great surprise, I had a much better result with the berry flavor WFHO!!!! I mixed a little bit at a time to vanilla yogurt, as much as I could tolerate taste-wise, and added my morning granola, and ate it with no problems at all. I wasn’t able to tolerate more than about one and a half teaspoons of the powder (I kept adding, and overdid it toward the end). The flavor changed rather dramatically when I got to about a tablespoon. But as many good things as are in it, I am greatly pleased that I can get some of the benefits. I probably need to begin slowly anyway, as there could be digestive side-effects to a new product like this, right?

I am trying some of your recipes, and in need of re-invigorating my diet habits. I had it down at one time, and busy-ness and knee and back issues have led me off track and into my old weight problems. I have “found” about 30 of the 75 pounds I had lost around 2005/2006 (it took two years to lose) in a slow progression. If I could do it once, I can do it again. It is a little different this time, since I have back and joint pain now which I didn’t have then.

Your dad pointed me to your new e-book (yea!) and your blog. He is very proud, and you have a great talent for this. I will keep reading, and trying recipes. Thanks for sharing! — Angie

By: Angela Wed, 17 Oct 2012 18:10:11 +0000 Elliot, you are totally right – I bet the Vega would get very thick with a banana and some greens, as it gets pretty thick all on its own. You would probably need quite a bit more liquid to thin it down. I like the Vega, but I after using it about a week, I think I will probably stick with the Amazing Meal and maybe mix it up with the Vega every now and then when it’s on sale.

By: Elliott Wed, 17 Oct 2012 17:42:53 +0000 Thanks for this review. I picked up some Vega One in the Vanilla Chai last night at Whole Foods because it was on sale. I threw it in the blender with a banana, some greens, and almond milk. Not a good idea to mix with that stuff, haha. I usually go with the Amazing Meal myself because I actually like the “green” flavor it has. I just mix it with coconut milk or even water and sometimes I’ll throw some chia seeds in. Maybe I’ll give that a try tomorrow and see if the Vega One is better without all that other thick stuff thrown in!